Impressionistic Run

based on subjective reactions presented unsystematically
– “a personal and impressionistic view of the war”
in the style of impressionism


I count this as a trolley! What do the experts say? #spottedTheTrolley


Ground feeling!

I love my gloves … I ran on grass that wasn’t wet … along lines that weren’t mine – alone through the dark.


Scary Moments

I had 3 today. I finally saw a pair of evil eyes. They appeared in front of me and looked right at me, before becoming one eye and disappearing to the left. I wasn’t scared, but my heart rate spiked!

I ran along a dark path, that was semi lit from far away lights. Suddenly something jumped at me from the left. It turns out it was tree branches moving and shadows appearing.

I spooked myself … through some weird light angle and curved surface suddenly, someone appeared from the left, silently but coming right at me. It was my shadow.

The Magic

When the first light appeared, I got drawn to the sea like mots to my headlamp.

It was wild. It was magical.

wp-1475564853661.jpg wp-1475564891795.jpg

88 minutes done and I think I got faster again …


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