Loosing it

About 10 years ago I was fat. Not fat as in “I need two seats on an air plane”, but fat enough so people started talking and raising concerns. It had crept up to over 110kg and I hadn’t noticed it … I mean I had noticed that I was fat, but not how it impacted me. I guess the change had been so slow, that I just didn’t notice it on a conscious level. I also didn’t think I was eating unhealthy … it was also one of the most stressful periods of my life having just started a new company. To cut this part short, in the end I found out I was lactose intolerant and when my high consumption of milk stopped, the weight came slowly off. I also took up running for the first time as a “grown up” and moved to another country with my whole company.

My weight stayed around 90 kg, sometimes it changed, depending on how much stress I had, but it usually crept back up to around 90. To be honest, it also never was a huge issue for me. Even when I was at my highest, I never defined myself via my weight and it was somewhat of a relief to know that if people interacted with me it was because of my brain/character/skills (yeah in that order lol).

Anyhow … moving forward to last year. I was weighing 88kg and knew I had enough. I had just started a new business and knew I needed more energy and a better attitude. Let’s be honest here: I don’t believe in orks, pension or healthcare … at least not too much. So what I have to do is to try and stay as healthy for as long as I can. One of the most obvious things I could do, was to get back into running (makes me a better person anyhow), loose all the excess weight and try and find a new way of living healthy. I’ve written here about how I lost all the weight, am still working nearly every day to become a runner (one day I’ll be fast and awesome).
Living healthy is my normal, I don’t think about my weight on a daily basis, I eat what I want and when I want it (yeah I am vegan, but I just love plants and I want to express how it feels). What prompted me to write this? I stepped on the scale today and plugged the numbers in my app as I want to document the process and how I did it. Also I want to make sure I don’t go crazy! So far I have lost 20% body fat. Since I hadn’t spent a single thought on this topic for a while and the development is quite consistent, I am happy to proceed thoughtless and without care. There is still enough fat to be lost, so I or anyone shouldn’t be worrying that I am loosing too much weight.

So … back to the topic of running: A lot of people ask if you can loose weight through running. I think the answer is “yes”, if we listen to our bodies. I started eating much healthier, drank more water etc etc etc … small and tiny changes, but big if you take a step back and look at the whole picture after you have given it enough time. I also think consistency trumps everything. I might not be fast or even considered a real runner by some, but I get out there everyday and improve myself and am a better, healthier version of myself for it – and that is all that matters in my book (or blog).