No words just birds



It is summer indeed. Soaring temperatures here in Ireland. Taking it easy at the moment and only did 25 minutes.

Calm sea at low tide

20 minutes done along a calm sea.

It looks so cool when the tide is at that level. Not all birds get the good spots and some appear to be standing on the water:

Fight the tide

Half an hour of pebbling deluxe today.

The tide is still unpleasant enough, but it is getting better over the week. On Friday it will be perfect. Let’s hope it takes most of the pebbles with it. A full sandy beach would be a nice treat.

Sunday = Runday

What a surprise! I ran today. Usually Sunday is rest day, but as I had decided that it would be fun spend Saturday at the Dentist, I didn’t feel like going for a run then and instead did 10k today.

Tide is up so let’s do some bird spotting in the park:

I am 100% sure there was a bird on the stones in the second photo. Now I am not so sure … next time I should take more photos.

Summer is back with all it’s cans

I only see it now, when looking at the photos … how did I not see the cans when I was there, taking the photo? Was it because I was distracted by the waves?

Fortunately my friend doesn’t care, or maybe there is a look of distain?

Let’s check it out closer:

Yeah … doesn’t look to pleased, but will make the best out of the situation, ignoring the can that is located inside his breakfast bowl. I will never understand why anyone is not able to carry cans back after they are empty … they even weigh less! Same goes with putting dog poop inside bags and then dropping the bag on the trail. Why?!

Ok, enough with the rant. I found one photo that has no trash:

25 easy minutes done.

Where is Russia?

Disclaimer: I might be relapsing in relation to my US and Brexit news consumption … Now this is a running blog which I turn to, to obsess about running related things and this is exactly what I am doing now to distract myself from the news. I also just removed all news apps (but one) from my phone. Kinda going cold turkey … I will still keep up to date, but try to do it only once a day.

So … where was I … right running. After I missed my morning run due to too much coffee and too much US news …, during lunch there was hail and now it is raining. Well … it is rest week and I went yesterday, so all is good.

Back to obsessing about running. I thought it would be nice to switch the theme on my blog. 20 minutes later I realized it is a bad idea. However out of curiosity I clicked on my stats.


Here are my absolutely irrelevant findings:

  • UK and US are competing for the #1 spot, with the UK leading by 6 points right now.
  • There is no evidence of any Russian interference. Seriously are there no slow runners in Russia, is this a language thing? Does anyone have visitors from Russia on their blog? Just curious …
  • #4 in popularity is Canada! Oh Canada!
  • I want to say “hi” to my one visitor from Uzbekistan!
  • There are also more people from India checking out my blog than from France! C’est la vie.
  • There is also one visitor from the European Union!? Who is that guy? A tracking trick? The one russian slow runner, using a proxy to get access to my beachporn?

Other than that, it is still raining, but I am not that cruel my dear and so I leave you with one of my favorite beach pics taken at the end of 2015:


Do you remember 2015? We all have run many miles since then … and whoa … how the world has changed.

It didn’t dawn on me

… I had one coffee too much. It is ok as the tide was highest at that time.

Today I positioned the bird quite well, don’t you think?

So with tide high up in the pebbles I got my feet wet trying to outsmart the waves. See with the tide sometimes we get sand. But it is not flat … It has mountains of pebbles in between. So when the waves go back there is enough sand to run around the mountains. If you are quick enough and don’t loose count that is. What are you counting? The waves of course. Usually it takes around 6 waves to build up to that. Now … I am bad at counting and I can’t even count to 2 or 4 to increase my step rate, so it is always just a matter of time until the mighty 7th wave strikes me.

Other than that here is your daily weather report:

Summer is back! Get the dogs out. We have a lovely breeze here and a nice 8° Celsius.


… 20 minutes done … it is rest week.

All in all summer was great and I will miss it.

There is a bird to be spotted though.

Mizzle drizzle

Easy run in the drizzle for today. 

Extra challenge: spot the bird in the next to pics!

Mizzle turned to drizzle and drizzle to rain. You can see the drops in the water: 

Also a bonus shot from yesterday for Paula:

Enjoy your day! Especially if you are stuck on a train to work in the country of the orange man.