Happy Holidays


It’s been a long year … a crazy year … things have changed … Brexit … Trump … latest shock are the terror attacks in Germany … 

I will be taking a bit of time off. Time to shut up, stop working and to think as well as run.

I’ll be back in the new year! Enjoy your holidays.

Here’s to a hopefully peaceful and healthy 2017.


Pebble shifting

Today I did what could be described as pebble shifting. Up and down the beach. It’s weird if I move backwards while trying to run, but the views were spectacular. 

Can’t always get sand despite low tide, but it keeps my feet strong.


Finally I managed to capture another sunrise. With clouds and all that.

Weather was perfect. Didn’t go for too long today. Not sure why, but just didn’t feel like it, so I decided to not force it. 

I am contemplating what to do with the rest of the year. I might want to run the distance of a half. Just to see how long it will take me and have a base point to improve upon. The distance shouldn’t be a problem, but I am worried about the surface … I do love the idea to at least be able to run home … that includes roads.


It was and still is cold and rainy. I was looking for excuses and procrastinated today’s run over two cups of coffee.

Then I realised that if I didn’t go out and run, at least for a little bit, I’d have to stand my bad mood for the rest of the day. The tasks on today’s list would be even more annoying to get done. Baba Ganoush I’d make in the evening wouldn’t taste as good. My legs would protest on Saturday’s planned run. And last but not least I wouldn’t get to post horrible rainy pics on my blog which I moved back to WordPress.com yesterday and see if it’s working.

Glad I am back now and in superior mood. Please excuse me while I re-link old photos and files.

92 minutes, a scary leaf and running with the birds

It was not raining. Not a drop in sight! The moon lit the streets nicely, but I had to switch on my headlamp in the darker sections that were covered by trees.

There is something wrong with my depth perception when wearing it and I still get spooked by little things. Today a leaf came at me out of nothing and nearly caused a heart attack. Still better than flying blind though.

After 10 slow kilometers through the park in the dark I arrived at my beach just when the first light set in.

Can you see the birds? When the wind is like today I’m almost as fast as them.

More rain

Another rainy run in the books. Today 45 minutes at the beach. Yes, tide is low again and my feet sing songs of praise. 

I didn’t manage to take one photo without raindrops. 

Hopeful that tomorrow rain will be a thing of the past, even if only to witness a nice sunrise for a change. The rain wasn’t too bad as temperatures are mild and wind wasn’t really making an appearance either.


I had waited long  enough for the rain to get quite bad. A shot of the Martello tower was all I could bring you home today.

I did my new route with an extra circle because I had to take off my glasses and had no clue where I was running. 100 minutes later I was back home … never been that soaked before.

A new route

After not running for 4 days, due to no particular reason other than loads of work, I had enough today and went out quite early. I was looking for a new route I can do for my medium runs.

I wanted a route that forced me to start slow and that is easily done by including a hill that reminds me of it every couple of hundred meters:


I know that if I don’t take it slow in the beginning I end up utterly wasted like this fellow:wp-1481445569476.jpg

A good route also includes castles …


Grass fields I can run on with  the city in the background waking up. Which I can’t look at cause I would fall on my nose (not that this ever happened!)

wp-1481445656329.jpg Did I already mention castles?


Of course, not to be missed, a lighthouse, a harbor, a medieval church and coastal defense towers. wp-1481445797014.jpg

The route then has to include another hill climb to appreciate the sunrise over the sea.


It ends with pebble hopping on the beach to make my feet happy.