Finally … early enough for dawn! Let’s celebrate with some footage:

Yeah … that is why I run.

Winter is coming

… and I am loving it! I am sorry if you do not like winter … ask me again in November and I will say otherwise as well. (My guess is I finally reached an acceptable lvl of Vit D … but bloodtests will show this at some point. I take a good mood any day.)

Weather was nice today. Clouds were covering every possible dawn action and so I could focus mostly on running. I was alone at the beach and a drizzle cooled me off. Check out even my hill is hiding:

I had so much fun running with all those birds:

Up and down the beach I flew (let’s just pretend ok?)

Oh and I did remember I wanted to work on my bird vocabulary:

Surely the one on the rock is some Gull? Like uhm Herring gull? (I know it is not a heron …)

Now what is the bird to the left? It is a funny one and always dives for a long time before reappearing, looking around and diving down again.

8 more today

Kilometer that is. At the moment I do not run miles, better for the head.

As usual the views are pretty …

spectacular …

And I am glad to say I haven’t forgotten the hidden paths that take one to the sea:

4 something

I ran 4.4 km today. Which is far or not depending on what one is used to. I do not think it is far, but I am so out of shape my body is of another opinion.

It is hard to complain about lost fitness while running along the beach though … but I will try!

At the moment I am running every other day … which is horrible for me. I feel like I want to run on rest days and not on run days. Cannot wait until I am back to 6 times a week …

Oh and to everybody hanging out here and running out there: thanks for being such an inspiration! On the days I do not want to run, reading your blog makes me get out there.

30 minutes

Yesterday I did 20 and today 30 minutes. Yesterday on the road during lunch. Today along the sea in the morning.

Don’t have to tell you which I prefer.

New feet

Last week was rest week. Not that I needed it, but hey at least I am consistent with those.

It also gave me time to take care of my feet. Gotta love the book ‘Fixing your feet’ as it helped me to identify and try and fix my issues.

I don’t want to go into any detail … and focus on the positive. Therefore let me tell you, running without burning soles and blisters hiding below calluses makes life so much more pleasant.

Today’s colors were a treat: