The other park

If tide is too high, I usual prefer to go to the park with the track and the rugby fields. This is the park featuring the rusty fish as you might know.

Not today!

I wanted some sea at least.

I did a couple of rounds on the grass.

Went to the beach after 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Next to nice photos I also collected a giant blister during today’s run … caused by a newly formed hole in my favourite running sock …


Bam! Easy run?

Just easy up and down the beach was planned today.

But then I had so much energy, the tide was low, sand had appeared and the weather was just perfect! So it was more like a slowleks session. (Like fartleks but you try and run slow in between forgetting to try and run slow).

Oh and check out that sand! It was so soft and soooo perfect! 

I even hit 183 HR on the way back oops! Good that the beach is so short and so I was done after 30 minutes. I shall not risk anything, but what can it hurt to fly a little!

Runner’s high anyone? Grab it for free today. It’s hiding outside.

Dear Slow,

it is ok that you lost a lot of fitness. You knew what you got into. Now there is nothing stopping you though from getting it back.

Yeah of course you are even slower now numbnut. What did you think would happen? There is no magic VO2max fairy that comes visiting at night and sprinkels fitness on you. So get your shit together and get that ego to shut up and just take one freaking step after the other!

Like the 10k today. That was a good start. Shuffeling through the park …

round and round you slogged.

Visiting old friends with a new friend on top!

Pretending to admire the fauna to catch a breath.

Pros call hat interval training!

Just keep doing that and you’ll see it will get easier.

Back to mornings

A quick 30 minutes before work today.

Pretty colours and a calm sea set the tone.

Pleasant temperatures as well. Note to self: running in long pants is much more fun and less of a blood bath when running through stuff with spikes.

Eating pebbles for lunch

I am getting used to running during lunch. Who would have thought?

Today on the menu were pebbles …

and lovely colors

exploration of stone ruins for Paula!

and last but not least:

Can you spot the bird?

Lunch time = run time

“What is freedom worth if I don’t use it?” was my reason for doing my run during lunch time.

Tide was low which helped as well.

Summer is here! Today! Don’t miss it.

Summer day

High tide at the moment … park it is:

I made it past the guards! 

Track is always a nice distraction:

… as is the sea:

Sorry if you got sea sick watching this. Next time I will go for straight horizon!

This shall repair all damage I have done:

No … it wasn’t me! Really!