Beautiful winter morning run

Back from 90 minutes slow running. Averaged a heartrate of 142 and only walked once to take the above picture and take in the scenery. Feel really good and am proud that this slow running is finally getting more pleasant.

It’s a beautiful day out there!

Worth it

Despite the cold and wind, days like these make running through the storm worth it.

Happy running everyone!

Uhm …

Heartrate of 150 while walking on flats and 138 while running?

That’s right. Wind in Ireland is something …

I did however warm up longer and this helps to not have the spike in the beginning. I also did this yesterday and it helped. Only managed 50 minutes … rain and wind would be the best excuse, but reality is that I had arrived at my destination and I am not going to run around the block just for the sake of it.

Rain was quite bad, my inovs are now well broken in and last but not least I haven’t felt my knee or any other niggle for a while now. So as bad as thisslow running torture seems most of the time, it works and I can keep on running.



Got my weekly box from the farm and it’s full of lovely greens.

Last week was butternutsquash week and I am happy to see this week I can have fun with loads of greens. Broccoli, kale, spinach, courgette and the list goes on.

Also got my energy bars and post run fuel – those colors make me happy:


Not too bad – all gone

Made some whole wheat pasta with the leftover veg. Nothing but 2 potatoes left from last weeks delivery which I count as a success! Also have some veg stock as well as stew in the freezer. I ate out once for a business lunch and had a fabulous vegan stew and picked up some eggplants and baguette the way back from my run on Saturday because I needed baba ganoush!

I still weigh myself frequently as I can’t believe how I can stuff my face with all this yummie food all day and still loose fat/gain muscle and not feel slugish. Times are good!

What’s left?

Whatever was left from last weeks veg had to go into the stew, but some carrots and spinach. Made mashed potatoes cause I was lazy and have a new potato mash thing! Still loads of work for some quick starch …

Froze the rest and left some for today’s brunch.

Mission impossible

Impossible to resist running along the beach when tide is out and impossible fast speeds on the way out. 7 min/kms at under 140! Unfortunately it is also impossible to run so slow against a headwind of 31 km/h that the heartrate stays as low. Had to walk quite a bit on the way back.


Spring is in the air

Well I’m sure it’s at least lingering around the corner. The sun was shining and a lovely 10° made the ~1.5 hours quite bearable.

I had an average heartrate of 140, but had to walk frequently because I was speeding up and the heartrate was going too high. My heartrate and pace chart look like a heartbeat chart!

Well at least that is something to work on over the next week. Other than that I am happy with the consistency for this week. I guess I am back doing my usual thing albeit much slower.


I also notice that I am full of energy now, which is not normal for me after 1.5 run and 30 minute walk afterwards … without breakfast. Weird stuff there …