I ate sand

Today it has gotten significantly colder and gustier.

And I love it! Just check out the pattern of the waves:

You think I am crazy? In summer you do not have powerful moments like that one:

… or scenery and sound like this:

Oh and what’s with the title you ask? Well here comes a pro tip: keep your mouth shut even if in awe … an unexpected weather thing can happen at any time. Today it was a gust of water mixed with sand for me … still chewing …


Loving rain

Finally it rained!

I waited 3 whole months to be able to test my new rain gear (one of those waterproofen caps). Loving it! Finally I can run and see the sea while it rains! (I wear glasses …)


And yeah … this is still a running and not a photo blog … And no I have no clue what happened to the comment function for some people.


No not what you think you filthy thing!

I am talking about exposure in a photographic sense. I am trying to capture the mood and light in the semi dark. So far I am taking pretty pics, but it is not at the level of what I want to express.

Yesterday I remembered that we used to be able to do that. With those old school cameras. Long story and googeling later I had the right app on my phone.

In essence I am playing with the shutterspeed etc. to try and catch the light better.

Here is my first test run 😄

I am getting closer. Once I am happy enough with the settings I want to use the RAW capture mode. That could mean another further improvement to get just the right mood!

It’s been a while

Now do not get excited … can’t yet say for sure that my posting will return to a regular schedule. But today I ran and I want to share! Let’s be happy with that for now.

Run started unter the moon which was hiding behind clouds.

I had not only forgotten my watch, but also my headlamp. This is what it is like running at the beach under moon:

I had the beach all to myself. Love the reflections at the edge of the sea.

Did some 40 minutes and went back home.

See you next time!