90 minutes done!

I am so happy that I finished my first week at 30/60/90. For those that have no clue what I am talking about check my structure/plan here.

TLDR: a whole lot of running …

Now today started at the beach as usual.

It is high tide and so I took the tropical road aka Vico Road. The Strava segment is called ‘The Beast – run or die trying’. I wish I was kidding, but all I can muster is a steady crawl and taking photos of palm trees and gardens as promised!

Now all that did not help and I moved slowly on, up the hill, to catch the next view:

90 minutes is a long time, even if one crawls, so I had time to run down and back up the other side for the next view. This time Dun Laoghaire and Dublin:

Then more crawling …

uff uff … huff and puff … Howth!

Even after all that scenery I still had more time. So let’s just do it all again! Back up the other side:

You can see my beloved Dalkey Island on the left:

And then finally a long and fun run down to end it all with 15 minutes of pebbling:

Enjoy your weekend!


Another easy 30

Another nice day in Ireland starts with waves splashing

birds hanging out

and Slow running for 30 minutes.

So far still good.

60 minutes? Check!

To my surprise weather was lovely today. Tide was high, so I did beach to hill and back.

60 minutes done in a mix of slow running and crawling.


Autumn and the perfect running weather has arrived. Let’s do some sight seeing!

The classic beach 😚:

Check out Howth in the distance:

Dalkey Island:

My mountains 😂:

Ireland is surfing!

Or picking the last of the berries:

or scrambling through something like this:

All better than doing taxes … oh I remember now why I do not like autumn …

25 minutes easy

On Monday and Tuesday I had forgotten that it was supposed to be rest week.

On Wednesday and Thursday I caught up with that.

Today 25 done and wow, the wind, waves and weather were moody.


Magic arrived just in time at the sea.

Let me introduce you! That’s him:

We spent several minutes together and appreciated the sunrise.

And what a beauty it was!

Oh … the running? 40ish minutes done and it included a quick stairmaster session

OK last one:

Easy one

Easy ~30 minutes done. Up and down the beach.

Next to the colours getting more spectacular each day, my fitness seems to be coming back as well.