Rest then Run

I didn’t go for a run yesterday. My resting heart rate was higher than normal and I didn’t feel like it. So I checked my TSB (Training Stress Balance) and surely it wasn’t just my demon of laziness talking. I had increased over the past two weeks and probably my body needed a bit of time to repair and build. Anyhow … I paid for it later in the day, when I had way too much energy … well at least the laundry got done and all my old – way too big – clothes are gone!

Today my resting heart rate was good again and despite the sun not making an appearance it was a pleasant run. I did only 40 minutes, don’t want to risk anything lol.

I did notice a couple of things:

  • it took me much longer than usual to get warmed up – not sure how much time, but I had to walk probably at least 500 meters more
  • there is funny pattern emerging on my strava segments, it looks like every week I get faster by the end of the week (it is quite consistent over 107 runs I did on this segment). The blue dots are the duration it takes me to run the segment and each dot is a different day:



  • I also discovered the entry to a cave


Where do you think it leads to? The door was open today … (Googling the answer does not count, I have no clue myself yet).