Stairs of hell

I decided to take the time today and visit my hill.

Tide was low and timing perfect. Dawn had just started.

Located at the end of the beach we can find the stairs of hell. 

They take us up …

… and further up …

The scenery gets better and up we go …

Higher …

Just one more …

Ok you made it … let’s play a game! Can you spot the bird?

And here is your treat:

One more treat? There you go:



I can see the light at the end of the tunnel called work. Still one month to go, but what is a month.

Runs are short work hours long. Today the tide was out so I pebbled through the darkness along the beach.

Slow just got fast

Newsflash! My new slow seems to be now around 7:45 min/km. What an amazing slow rainy and muddy run!

Might be that due to all the pebbling in the past weeks?

Kicking off the week

I’ve decided to go back to my old plan/structure. It’s just so much simpler and it works. I noticed I started missing the longer runs. After around 5 k I am warmed up and it all feels amazing, so just 30 minutes didn’t really cut it.

Today I did 50 minutes (planned were 40) and I had a blast. Spring is here, if you zoom in the photo you can see the daphodils. Note the green highlighted trash. I didn’t highlight it … but wind was blasting and so birds, cans and me were flying high.

No distractions 

Today I headed out when it was still dark. It still is. No chance to get distracted by sunrise.

I went to my track.  I had forgotten my headlamp, but the track is awesome for that. My track is no flat. My track feels like running on a nice forest path.

I ran fast … a little bit … it felt like flying. Well … whatever flying feels like to a slow person, you dear reader just have to imagine it. 

Other than that I will have been running for 2 years in May. I still love it. This is the biggest accomplishment probably. Not the lost pounds, not the seen sunrises or how fast and far or how many likes. It is the fact that I am motivated each day to get out there and have an adventure. A mini adventure. Especially right now when I work insane hours. My running  keeps me grounded and sane.


Today I wanted to run fast. Wind was on my side.

Then the sun began to rise and I got distracted.

The photos don’t do it justice. The colors were spectacular. The sounds of the crashing waves mingled together with the wind.

I got to run up and down a bit, however I had to stop and just take it all in frequently.

If I stand there just at the edge it feels incredible.

Today’s sunrise was extraordinary.

Cold is like Speed

The cold is like speed. It’s all relative.

Today I was glad I took my wind jacket in addition to my usual bank-robber style winter run gear. In the beginning I had to hide inside all the layers and I did feel like a Himalayan mountain climber. Might be because of the book “No shortcuts to the top”, which I am currently listening to. It might be because of the -4 “Real Feel” temperatures, maybe both – not sure. During the course of the run however, if not against the ice-cold wind, I didn’t even notice it.

I also didn’t notice that I was running faster than usual on sand at the same heart rate. Is this because I played with speed and now slow feels slower or am I finally catching back up to my previous fitness? Probably both as well.

Enough with the words, I hear you scream … “Where are the sunrise pictures?!”

There you go – next to my cadence I did work on my “shoot a straight horizon pic” skills:



Enjoy your weekend! Especially if you are running the Irish 50k Championship like Declan!

Supply crates

Word seems to have gotten out that SRG needs supplies. That or all the supply crates from England realized this is their last chance to leave the island before Brexit happens.

First one escaped from Holy Head. Welcome to the EU my friend.

Your buddy from Kilkeel will show you around.

Maybe you can hang out with the crates from Waterford?

If not, let’s just enjoy sunrise together on this bone chilling day.

No sunrise!

Just a quick 30 minute supply run done. What’s a supply run you ask? A supply run is running to the store and back with supplies on the back!

Now back to work which is much more fun since I now have almond milk for my coffee.