Racing Weight

You might remember I posted some time ago about the book Racing Weight. It was recommended/reviewed by Mawil and it made absolute sense to me. Not so much that I need to achieve a certain weight to race better – I’m not racing – but that there is a perfect weight for me, I just have to let myself find it. I was getting a bit stressed because I was loosing and loosing (very slowly) … and you know people around, at a certain point, start raising concerns (i.e. mom saying “you can’t loose more weight”).  It’s the same with becoming vegan though. I learned about it, obsess about it, figure out how and what works for me and keep on top of the science and then I have the necessary arguments to convince others, that this is the best way for me. The ME part is especially critical.

With the weight – after reading the book – I relaxed about it. I think, as long as all I’m loosing is fat and building muscle, I’m OK. And to be honest, I feel better each day. I don’t think that is because of weight loss, but more because I am becoming fitter and healthier.

So how are things progressing or going now?

This I wrote in May this year:

When I re-started last year I was at 88 kg with a body fat % of 34.2 % and 32.2 % muscle. I am now at 28.1 % fat, 33.9% muscle and 71.6 kg.

Today I’m at 66.5 kg, 34.5 % muscle and 26.3 % body fat – my height is still 175 cm :D.

I’d happily take it and stay this way. I’d happily taken the stats from May and stayed that way as well.

There is one thing though … I’ve increased duration of my runs about 2 weeks ago. I don’t think I increased the amount of food I eat. I just eat as much as I can and want. Yesterday I had my first bad run in ages and I have the suspicion that lack of hydration could be the culprit, as well as not eating enough the day before. So it’s a good time to review and rethink my food intake. Usually, skipping a meal because of a stressful work event, wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t notice. Now it appears I do. So with all that rambling, what’s the point?

First of all – if you want to still lose weight – take it slow, run slow … generally slow down! Eat slow as well and let your body absorb more of the nutrients. I did learn that my insatiable hunger from before was mostly cause by the fact that my body didn’t get everything it needed. No wonder … I was living on a more or less processed chunk food like diet – at least if I compare it to now.

Another point is that if I increase the duration of my running, I need to make extra sure that I get enough fuel. Maybe it takes some time to adjust?

I think I found a way to sneak in more fuel, but I will experience with this over the next days, while I do some extra rest (think lazing on the sofa playing MMORPGs and reading books and blogs). My idea is to eat one piece of fruit after every meal (but evenings). If it’s an apple I can dip it into some nut butter. It worked at least for the duration of today. I’ve already had 2 meals and 2 kiwis!

Now with all that out of my way, if you can think of anything with tons of calories that is not sweet, plant-based, with loads of calories that I should try, let me know! Until then I try and think of ways to sneak in more calories in the roasted butternut squash soup I am planning on making today. Next to fruits after each meal, I could try and add a soup up front.


A bad run

OK so I did have a bad run. My last bad run was in May when there was hail. I am not complaining. Sometimes that’s just what it is and I can be happy that it has been such a long time. So what happened?

I went out later than usual on Saturdays. One of the first bad things was a broken stinky truck that made me nearly nauseous. Smoke came out the back of it … it was also super fast … maybe they were just trying to head to a mechanic as fast as possible, but it certainly didn’t look or smell healthy.

The plan was to go up to my favorite hill, past Puck’s castle and the chimney. It wasn’t supposed to be.

I never found my stride … I felt lousy the whole time. I switched to walking and wanted to at least “do my time”, but that didn’t happen either.


I turned around even before I was at the castle.

And you know what? It’s OK. I can be glad I haven’t gotten a cold or caught the flu (yet) and just have to take it as a sign and relax … the past days have been more stressful than usual. I’m still fitter than ever in my life, no one bad run can take that away from me.

So today … a bit over 9k in 1:45 – it really can’t be called a run – I probably ran 1 k of it.

Tomorrow is recovery day anyhow and Monday is a day off from work. If I don’t burst with energy I’ll take two days off.

Hope you are doing better than me! Enjoy it for me and blog about it will you!?

In the Zone

By now I know the beach better than my handbag. Seriously! I couldn’t tell you all the contents of my handbag, but I can tell you exactly which big rock is where right now and what and how and why the sand/pebbles and beach is the way it is. I know each dog and nearly every bird and where they will be and what they like to do. I love running there in the dark. Today was my easy day and I got to spent 50 minutes hanging out in the warm morning air, letting my feet to their thing.


Around me the world woke up. The trains went past, collecting the early commuters. When I was done, I was a little sad. Sad that I can’t continue on, that I have to work … I have to wait until tomorrow … then I can run again.

Back to normal

After yesterday’s “warning” aka heart rate being off and my easy run not feeling easy, I made sure to fuel properly. fuel

Today in the morning my HRV (heart rate variability) was back to normal levels and my resting heart rate was ok as well. So I allowed myself to head out again for my – by now – “normal” 100 minute easy run.

It started on the illuminated streets. Yes the colors are real. I love this time in the year. I enjoy running through fallen leaves.


I ran extra slow today and it was easy again, I noticed how my batteries were being recharged and solved loads of problems in my head I had been working on over the past days.

My run ended at the beach with the tide in.


Also a big shout-out to James (Paula’s world famous marathon junkie husband), who finally met his own angel in the form of a WordPress happiness engineer and got his site unstuck as well! Check out his spotify marathon running playlist and follow his adventures, his site is finally working again!

50 not so easy minutes

Today wasn’t as easy as usual and my heart rate didn’t quite behave. Weather was unusually warm as well. Am I paying the price for being sloppy with my nutrition yesterday? Time to get back on track and eat properly instead of just stressing with work!

Went to the beach for the last couple of minutes, but tide was in and while it was beautiful, the beach was nearly unrunnable.


Lesson learned and I’m going to make a proper breakfast now. I’m aware flu is everywhere and I certainly don’t want to catch anything, so I need to eat … eat … eat …

5 months = 50 seconds

Good morning!

Just back from my 100 minute medium run and I am so pleased. For those who don’t know, Strava (the free version) matches my runs with previous runs and compares times etc. I can then compare how much I improved or not.

Today I saw, I had done the exact same run I did today in the middle of May. My pace for the matched segment was 50 seconds faster today than in May.

I take it!

Monday – Easy Day

Good morning,

just back from my 50 minute easy run and about to head out to a meeting. Feeling great and looking forward to another week. So far I seem to be adjusting really well to the increased duration. Can’t believe I’m now running ~55 km per week. Better not think about it and just keep having fun.

Enjoy yourself and have a marvelous week!

One hundred fifty

150 minutes doesn’t sound like much. It’s a nice round number. It’s easy. This an other lies I told myself when heading out for my long run today.

Thankfully right in the beginning I was distracted by an epic sunrise (check video on the bottom of the post):


After I had passed Dun Laoghaire, I had been running for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Which is half way and so I decided to eat something and then head back.


I took another quick break just before getting back to Dalkey via the James Joyce tower – one of Dublin’s many Martello towers along the coast. You can see it on the left in the distance:


The hills on the way back nearly killed me, although I was walking them! Clearly I’m more suited for trails, then for this road running, but it is a nice change of scenery.

Especially when it starts like this:

Mixing things up

During today’s run I thought about some of the factors that let me run nearly every day. One of those key factors I think is that I switch things up. Take this week as an example. Monday’s quick run was on the beach, 50 minutes in my xtalons (trail shoes). Tuesday I ran a mix of undulating grass and park roads in my gloves, ending at the beach I think (100 minutes). Wednesday was half road and half beach (50 mins). Thursday was all 100 minutes of nice hills and wood paths with rocks and roots. Today I took my Altras for a quick 50 minute spin. The Altras are my sofas, as they offer superior cushion, while still having zero drop (heel to toe drop).


All this mixing of different type of shoes as well as surfaces, helps me prevent over-use injuries. At least that is what I think. I picked those tips up in some of the books I read, can’t remember which though … just want to mention that it’s not my idea, I have merely tested what I read about and what made sense to me.

What do you do to mix things up?



I have a superpower. It didn’t come easy to me. In fact it arrived very slowly – unremarkably slow. I’ve worked at improving it nearly every day for over one and a half years now. Others have this superpower as well and I’m not in any way special. In fact … you may have it too.

Let me show you what this superpower let me experience today:

wp-1476950185415.jpg wp-1476950185450.jpg wp-1476950185420.jpg wp-1476950185349.jpg wp-1476950185310.jpg wp-1476950185418.jpg wp-1476950457435.jpg wp-1476950490398.jpg wp-1476950543976.jpg wp-1476950577161.jpg wp-1476950619497.jpg wp-1476950606691.jpg wp-1476950647697.jpg wp-1476950794988.jpg wp-1476950826810.jpg

What’s your superpower?