Colors of Autumn

May I take you on a little trip through the Irish autumn today?

I saw new colors everywhere I looked and was glad I had listened to Gareth and brought my own fuel!


Somehow my favorite hill top had been burned and I felt like on a volcano.


The views though – always amazing (check bottom of the post for a quick youtube 360 view).


Crazy autumn colors along the roads as well:


… and yes finally – I found something worth tagging! No not the cow (we need a tag for that) and no not the castle … I mean I #spottedTheBike!wp-1475917830879.jpg

Here’s the hill top view! It starts with my little beach and hill in the far distance. You can also see Sugarloaf and Bray Head!


That’s it for today. 2 hours and 10 minutes done, plus some walking before and after. Stay tuned for tomorrow, as I will publish my first ever running book review and I bet it’s a book you don’t yet know!