The New and The Old

The Old

Today I had a clever idea. It rarely happens, but there it was! Let me explain: For a while I’ve experimented with different types of music for my runs and working on my cadence. I found some music that makes me faster (fantasy metal anyone?), but the same type of music also doesn’t allow me to relax or able to focus much. So while thinking about what type of music I can possibly try that let’s me relax, helps me focus, doesn’t distract my thinking and is at the right bpm, I remembered one of the tricks to help me focus while programming or during intense thinking, is to listen to Mozart. Now Mozart is not fast, but I can half the bpm! OK that was the clever part … I failed doing the math and spotified (is that a word?) for 60 bpm Mozart and went on my run. It was fantastic, like meeting many old lost friends! Now as soon as I learned to divide 180 by 2 and find Mozart music for it I should be on my way to become a super high cadencing runner!

The New

My search for new shoes, that offer more cushion than my super flat minimalist worn out inov8s (love ’em still – is there a Shoeaholics Anonymous club for people that can’t let go of their old runners?), has ended. I got myself a pair of sofas for my feet. Should fit to my new found slow couch pace right?

Gareth helped me get over my PSAA (Pre Shoe Arrival Anxiety) and is waiting for photos. Here you go:

Altra Torin


Yes … I still hate pink … but I took them to the beach after today’s 1 hour test run and tried to find colors that match the shoes … on soft sand all colors are pretty I keep telling myself.

So far I like them and the big huge toe box seems to offer just enough room. I usually try and avoid running on roads, but when the tide is up or the runs go to long, I am forced to cover some tarmac. Why I decided to get the Altras? Next to all other reasons (cool company etc), they seem to be the only ones offering no heel to toe ratio with more cushion. With all the running I had promised my feet that I would only force them into heels if we’re out for a business meeting …

Other thoughts? I wouldn’t use them for anything else but road/park and that’s what I got the for. They are gigantic compared to my normal shoes and I would definitely miss the flexibility I get from my usuals. I feel also I’d improve my ankle breaking rate from 0% to 98% if I tried to run on the beach or even trail with them. All in all though they offer just what I wanted and I am extremely happy with my purchase.

Other news?

Does all the slowness work?

It’s always fun to look at infrequently used Strava segments. Today I compared a street segment I ran one year ago:

Aug 4, 2015     9:47/km     159bpm

Jul 28, 2016   8:39/km     140bpm

So … yes – I’m one minute faster and run at a heart rate that is 20 beats lower. Good enough for me.