Slow Running Formula

I get asked frequently how I structure my training and how I got to where I am now. I run by duration and not by pace and so my training is structured based on duration. My focus is on building a strong foundation and I run super slow and at a low heart rate.

When I switched to the current system, I was running 3 days per week, or 180 minutes. The current running plan is Barry P’s 3:2:1 plan. The explanation and discussions can be found here.

It is actually quite simple and it follows all other rules (~10%, long run ratio, easy/hard etc).
What I did was I divided my total running time per week by 10. This is the duration for my easy runs. I run 6 days per week and this includes 3 easy/short days, 2 medium days and 1 long day. Medium days are twice as long as easy days and the long day is three times as long as an easy day. That means for running 180 minutes per week, that my easy run was just 18 minutes and my long run was under 1 hour! That was so easy.

This is what I did, when I switched from running 3 days per week to 6 days per week:


As you can see, that if I felt good, I’d increase by 10%. Sometimes I repeated those weeks, other times I continued increasing. Play by feel!

This is where I’ll be after I increased the next time:

3-2-1-slow-running plan

Download my Running Training Plan Calculator

If you wonder how to structure your training and like a simple formula, you can download my quick excel calculator here: volume-calculator

You just need to enter the minutes you run right now per week!

What if I am a beginner?

If you are a beginner, please go and read this article. It explains why you want to take it slow and it is also the exact plan I followed before switching to the above formula.


13 Replies to “Slow Running Formula”

  1. Good plan, looks like the kind of thing I have heard of for building up marathon endurance. Must take a lot of self control, totally impressed because I just get impatient.


    1. Thanks! It actually helped me in building up discipline. Self control? Still working on that 😉 it helps though to see the improvement over a long time due to not being injured.


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