It gets easier

Yes it can get even easier.

Today’s 40 minutes went by in a flash. Weather is fantastic and the sea smelled sooo good! I even got soaked from a surprise wave crushing into rocks!

I also found a way to overlay pace and heartrate,  so you can check how slow a person can actually run!


My average pace for today was 10:13 min/km – that is not miles!!! There are 2 other points in the above graph. I stopped once, for the sunrise photo and in the last 5 minutes I got lost in the zone and ‘speed’ lol took over … so one spike is better than 3 and I take it.

I also looked at my heartrate when starting to walk. It takes me 5 minutes to walk to the beach, by that time I have ~110 HR and I walked another 8 minutes. By the time I started slogging it was at 128. The rest is in the graph.