Mixed tape

(let’s try old-school today)

Dear Saoirsek,

thank you very much for the playlist you created! I was particular fond to be remembered of #2 on your list! Perfect running song. As promised, I created a list of my songs as well.

I hope you find at least one song you like. (The tapes are quite long, so I added a pencil for you).



This embedding via Spotify should work and one can create a free account.

Let’s start with the “classic” tape:


Then there is the “running along the beach and forgetting you run” tape, my current favorite:

An “epic” run tape:

The one titled “rhythm“:

The one that I just accidentally slipped in the box titled “silly girl“:

Then … the cheesy one:

Oh there is a happy one as well:

Now if you are still here … I usually start with a warm-up walk and cool down to and from the beach. Sometimes I take the dart to the place I want to run from … here is my list for that:

Still here? Oh well … you can’t be helped so here is the one for the epic stormy gale in fine face days:

The next … is a what got me through hours of running last winter – it’s classic music all 60 bpm (so I try and take 3 steps to work on perfect cadence of 180). It is just a copy from an existing playlist:


Other than that, I did my 60 minutes run today! Dawn didn’t show up.


60 minutes means I have to drag myself up these:


Worth the view though:


First week of 20/40/60 done! Yay!

Still here?

Ok … now just for the fun of it, I created an empty playlist (as of now) which can be edited by everyone. (That’s the theory).

Feel free to mess with this and try if you can add songs to it, that I should listen to on my next run! Would be a fun experiment to see everyone add a song.

Oh and also a shout-out to James – his blog is a whole treasure chest of great running music.