Just listen to those guys having a feast at low tide!

Other than that I enjoyed a slow easy run. No spectacular dawn today, but look at those clouds!

I did however spot the rusty machine again. I think it moved again!


Enjoy the holidays and tell me what you are up to! On a second thought … you could also just blog about it and link it up here if you feel like it!


Today I ran my hill (the little one)

Today I enjoyed a 1 hour and 20 minutes long run. As I had finally “cracked the code” of mixing in 20 % fast running into my slow running, I allowed myself to use part of today for it. It’s simple really, if you read my plan you know all I have to do is divide total time or distance per week by 10. This is my easy run. Now it’s even simpler … 20% of this is twice the length of an easy run! So I can speed up twice per week during my medium runs. In minutes this means 80 minutes per week I can indulge in speed or hills or stairs or anything that makes my heart jump!

I used today to finally try and run up my hill. To my astonishment it was easy! My heart rate was an average of 153 and the pace was 9:15 min/km. The segment is a 5% grade over 1 km and I always had to walk this thing to keep my heart rate low (and in the beginning just to survive) … you have no idea how many times I walked this little beast … today I ran … slowly moving up and swoop – done!

I also of course went treasure hunting and spotted a rusty machine pulling a boat (see the featured image on top) and TheRock in disguise!



A rusty fish

No, I don’t mean myself, although my slow pace could hint to some rusty bones. I am talking about the fact that I #spottedTheRustyMachine on today’s run.

Check out it’s beauty:


 I had spotted it before and I found out more about it. It came to live by the hands of Jackie Ball and was made by using old farming equipment that had been used to maintain the park. (You can read the full story here).
As you can see the discoveries continue and thanks to Corrina we have tags to tag them – hope you don’t me switching “da” with “The”? Now most will be using and so the tag should work it’s magic. I haven’t yet had the time to figure out a way to integrate external blogs, so I created the tag on my own page and you can do too! Later we can always link them up. If you are on, you can just tag the specific posts (#spottedTheChimney or #spottedTheBike) and we can follow the tags as well as include/embed them on our own blogs later. At least that’s the plan!
What did you spot on your run today?

Rocks, hill and a rusty machine

Today’s 1 hour and 20 minutes went by super fast. The tide was in, but I still made it to the hill where I wanted to get some nice photos of rocks! My phone’s camera is horrific though, but fortunately the area is fantastic. This side of the hill is also used by rock climbers! I might as well have to come back with my better phone …


Also one find loads of stone benches like this:

wp-1468306616655.jpg … and now … drum roll please: I think I have uncovered a new theme! Check out “The Rusty Machine”: