Finding The Chimney

It was a nice, clear day when I headed out – gone was the drizzle, fog and rain from the past days.

The rules for today were simple: Find The Chimney! Live to tell the tale!

The weather made it easy and I spotted The Chimney in the background a couple of kilometers in.


As you can see from the photo, it was in quite a bit in the distance and so I continued along roads that seems to lead into the direction. As the vegetation has taken over everything on this beautiful Island, I had lost sight of The Chimney and looked out for other signs that could point me there. Could this be it?


That doesn’t look like a chimney …


But then it appeared again and I knew I was getting closer.


Now this looks to my liking! Check out this wonderful trail:


Up and up I went and had actually nearly forgotten why I was there, when I saw this:


… and there it was in all it’s beauty!


I just love old stone structures …


And of course I love myself some nice views! Do you spot the area where the cave is? Way down there, is my beach and the “little” hill I like to run for breakfast.


I don’t have to tell you how awesome it was to fly down the mountain afterwards. I think I found a new playground for weekends! There should be a mine somewhere right?

Other than that I’ll spend the rest of the day, feet up and tracking Randall running around Kerry and hopefully Paula who is Rock’n Rolling in Seattle!

What now?

Enjoy your weekend, stop reading blogs, get out there and the come back and link up your adventure here!