Wouldn’t it be cool …

I’ve been collecting my photos for a while now and just had a discussion with Mawil and was trying to explain my ideas for what to do with them.

I made a quick mock-up (don’t shoot me CJ it is horrible), but I hope you get the idea of my plans! Essentially it is a calendar with one photo per day. It is important that the days match the days the photo was taken!

It will look similar to this:


As you can see it can stand on it’s own and you need to turn it once a year. This way we only have half of all the pages! The paper is not very thick.

Now … I have a clear picture of what I want. I do not yet have found someone to print it for a decent price and I am missing some photos!

Any ideas/suggestions/connections welcome!

Dawn today

I also ran a bit …


I hear comments are not working for wordpress reader users … I wish I had a clue. I did not disable it! Maybe I have time to check on the weekend. Meanwhile I run:

Today one hour.

Nice colors!

Morning run

Today’s one hour play time consisted of running down the beach …

… up the stairs of hell to catch me some views …

… and some more running around on Vico road.

Check it out: someone was nice and had left a chair at my beach house:

Right there behind the cave with the build out defenses:

Whish I had the clothes to soak in the view.

But after all those stairs the wind was chilling my back and so I had to head back.

Seems today I was not alone appreciating the beauty: