My first pair of shoes

It was over 10 years ago when I first tried to start running again.

I had no clue … all I knew was I had to buy shoes in a real store. This was quite difficult for me, being obese and having no clue …

What I knew is, that I wanted to be back running.

Running, when I was younger had been my stress relief. I ran until I was around the age of 16 and moved to the states for a year. That was also when I began to put on weight … but that’s another blog post topic for the future I might title ‘SAD changes’ 😉

So there I was … in this running store in some German city, intimidated by the treadmill they asked me to step on to, to test my gait. Was I an over pronator? They poked around on my feet and did some weird other things to assess my arch height and what not. I got might confused, but thoroughly impressed by their expert knowledge.

In the end I left the store happy, with a new pair of Brooks. I felt like a runner.

Years later I realized the shoes didn’t quite fit me and that my initial struggles through hurting toes/feet/knees while shuffling around “the lake” after work where mostly due to the shoes and not entirely because I was an unfit obese being or had weird knees.

I still have those shoes and I did love them for quite some years. Through all the times I had started to become a runner, they had been there for me to take out. I did have one less excuse.

 Do you remember your first pair? What was it like? Do you still have them?