Easy birds

Today I was hanging out with my buddies celebrating low tide with a slow run.

Can you see them?

5th morning run this week. I am slowly getting back to it.


Great Dane

Great Dane was the answer to yesterday’s post and as I can’t think of any other title that is what I’ll run with for today. 

I also ran up and down the beach, but this time in the opposite direction. Just to confuse you and to sharpen your bird spotting skills:

And now be prepared for what I usually don’t photograph:

See all those pebbles?

Hahaha. No we won’t count those. Now I also spotted this:

What is that?! 

Now to not leave you confused and go on with your day in a fabulous mood, here is the obligatory sun-sea-sand pretty beach combo:

FYI: Godzilla was my favorite answer to yesterday’s game and it was brought to you by unironeman.

Tennis ball!

Tennis ball was the answer to yesterday’s game!

Only one person got it (please only click this link if you are from Ireland though)! 

Now the most likely reason is that after the camouflage birds the ball was too easy, so I will up the difficulty for today. What has caused those footprints:

Other than that it was super cold and the colours were pretty:

It does feel like my fitness is returning, but who knows it might be a fluke or the fact that I just suck at road running …

Another day another run

Working on getting my fitness back. Up and down the beach today.

Besides one other person at the end of the beach I was alone. There was evidence of others having fun before me though:

It was also quite cold.


I lost count:

There were so many of those little fellows I can spot at least 3 on the photo. Can you?


I lost count:

There were so many of those little fellows I can spot at least 3 on the photo. Can you?


Yesterday my run didn’t happen as I realized I had forgotten to get my kit out of the washer the day before. Sure I have loads of kit, but this is my favourite kit so I took it as a sign and went for a rest day. It is rest week anyhow! 

Today I visited an old friend:


During day time it looks less spooky! If you forgot, it was made by a local artist out of old farming equipment that had been used to maintain the park!

Also was astonished that the ducks were thinking I would carry food for them on my run, why else would they come so close? 

They turned back when they didn’t get anything. 

Just a bit over 5k and still struggling with the right shoes for the road … low tide were are you in the morning when I need you? Next week ok?

Btw. Gareth I think you might be up to something with the GTX thing … despite sole change there is heat  build-up like in a GTX shoe. I don’t think they should be GTX … but what do I know all those shoes and new features and acronyms make my head spin.

Snail pace and burning soles

I am working on befriending my new road shoes … it has been our third run together now.

It hasn’t been a smooth tide so far. Finally after testing  another pair of socks I think I figured it out. It was at a point mid run when I thought I had gotten plantar fasciitis or something else was burning my soles. Maybe a tiny devil was hiding in the shoes holding a flame thrower towards my soles?

Anyhow … I ripped off my shoes and realized they were super hot and my socks wet. I took apart the shoes and realized that the soles are not the usual inov8 type of soles, but different material. As soon as I took them out my feet were able to breathe again and the devil had disappeared. 

I also met my new running buddy:

We agreed on the same pace.


Now that I am back the sky is blue of course. During my run I enjoyed a slight mizzle.

No spotting today, but check out who has the cutest bunny and added a new tag to the game! I think the bunny hunt is on.


Just listen to those guys having a feast at low tide!

Other than that I enjoyed a slow easy run. No spectacular dawn today, but look at those clouds!

I did however spot the rusty machine again. I think it moved again!


Enjoy the holidays and tell me what you are up to! On a second thought … you could also just blog about it and link it up here if you feel like it!