Hill, birds and rocks

The title says it all. The pictures shall do the rest:




What a way to start the day! Hope you enjoy yours.

Btw. remember the spotted game? I think it’s time to play again! I got 3 tags in today, how many can you spot on your next adventure?

I couldn’t dig up my list so here is Paula’s summary and entry: https://neveradullbling.com/2016/07/15/spotted/


Sunrise and a rock

Sunrise was beautiful today. While my hands were hiding inside gloves I watched a couple go have a dip in the sea – no wet-suit required … gotta love Ireland!


Sometimes a rock is all that’s needed to make a beautiful moment marvelous:


40 minutes at 142 done.

Today I ran my hill (the little one)

Today I enjoyed a 1 hour and 20 minutes long run. As I had finally “cracked the code” of mixing in 20 % fast running into my slow running, I allowed myself to use part of today for it. It’s simple really, if you read my plan you know all I have to do is divide total time or distance per week by 10. This is my easy run. Now it’s even simpler … 20% of this is twice the length of an easy run! So I can speed up twice per week during my medium runs. In minutes this means 80 minutes per week I can indulge in speed or hills or stairs or anything that makes my heart jump!

I used today to finally try and run up my hill. To my astonishment it was easy! My heart rate was an average of 153 and the pace was 9:15 min/km. The segment is a 5% grade over 1 km and I always had to walk this thing to keep my heart rate low (and in the beginning just to survive) … you have no idea how many times I walked this little beast … today I ran … slowly moving up and swoop – done!

I also of course went treasure hunting and spotted a rusty machine pulling a boat (see the featured image on top) and TheRock in disguise!