More data on improvements

Today I got to enjoy an easy Monday morning 40 minutes run. Ireland is just fantastic during the summer – not too warm – a light breeze – and the tide was quite nice to me today! I even got a cool down in the sea and my feet didn’t go numb!

Now as you all know I am running at a low heart rate (most of the time) to improve my aerobic base and improvements seem so tiny from day to day. Today I checked Strava as it compares previous runs in a nice format and compares similar ones. Below is a screenshot of my matched easy runs. If I read things right, from end of May to today I improved by 20 seconds?



I also tried to combine two of the spotted Themes! TheBird looking at TheShip – though it’s really tiny and you can’t quite make out that it’s a ship! I am super excited to see everybody’s posts appearing under the wordpress tags! So cool – you all rock!