Beautiful Ireland – 8k

I did 8k today and finally decided to kick the 19×3. I ran the first 3k along the beach and only walked twice because of the rocky surface. I ran the remaining 5k in one go!


Why did I abandon the program? I think I did this last week now 3 times and I felt it was more a mental blocker than anything else.

I feel I have reasonable distance (8k) right now and want to do this now for a couple of weeks to get used to it. I am running/slogging it 3 times a week and still am super delighted that this time I haven’t gotten injured.

In the end I have only one main goal: to keep running as long as possible and I have learned from my past mistakes.


Trying 19×3 again

Just came back from another try at running 19 minutes, walking 1 and repeat 3x. I was better than the times before and ran through the first 19 minutes. I walked twice for a minute or two during intervals 2 and 3. It was a mix between too hard, having a blast and just getting through.

I ran on the beach and the sun was shining.

Despite my slow progress I have to be proud of what I achieved so far. A couple of months back I had trouble walking a quarter of the distance.

I am also still contemplating a goal I will have to set at some point to motivate me to improve. Maybe that is what really is holding me back in breaking the full hour run.

5k morning run

Did my run. Felt quite sluggish but it was beautiful outside. Didn’t manage to run through all segments, but I am fine with it as I am planning a short hike later in the day and a quick run tomorrow.

I am struggling with the slow long running. I want to run so much faster than I know I can keep up for the duration. But I will do it eventually and reach my goal of running for a full hour.


Is there anything more daunting to a perfectionist than an empty page?

I guess the point is to get started … to just blog and therefore somehow become accountable to keep up this running habit.

Now there is a start. First of all I am not a runner … So my first failure is the naming of this blog. However I aspire to be a runner. I know I can be a runner. I just don’t know when.

I tried being a runner a lot of times. I tried to be a runner as a teenager to get out of the house. I tried to a runner every couple of years ever since. It always lasted longer. I always got better. Each time I tried I became better at it.

This time I am taking all steps recommended.

  • I am taking it slow
  • I am taking it serious
  • I am making it a priority
  • I got the shoes and then some
  • I started this blog

For now I am mostly concerned about this blog and what to write about. I’ve read so many other running blogs and keep being inspired by them, that I just draw a blank looking at myself.

But let me try:

I am following a guide for older runner. This seems to be over 35 … reality sucks. The goal is to be able to run for 60 minutes 3 times a week. I am in the last week before this magic is supposed to happen. Realistically though I will repeat the week before the 60 minutes for some time. I am supposed to run three times 19 minutes with 1 minute walking in between. I don’t stretch but I do go for a fast 5 minute warm up walk before and after the “prescribed” workout.

To get to this point I followed the Endomondo beginner 5k plan. In the last weeks it was quite hard and after finishing the plan I switched to the one I am currently using.

So there is a start.

Till tomorrow.