Run done.

Sanity restored.

For the record … those are the lights of Bray and such as taken from the far end side of my beach near the cave. In tbe back sugar loaf and Bray Head … or short for Ireland at night.

It was okish temperature, wind was not really there and I just had a slight mizzle distract me from pebbling for 40 minutes.

8 Replies to “Run done.”

      1. Oh no really? That’s so sad pops! I had issues urgh with my yoga one… TWICE now where it wasn’t uploading… then it would but blocked me (the owner) from seeing it in my reader… nightmare!
        Love your blog! And thank goodness I get notifications by email so I follow the link there…
        I think your theme is kewl pops! I like!

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      2. OMF! Today its in my reader!!!! It seems i need patience! Maybe living in deepest darkest Derbyshire, things take a little longer to get here lol like VISITORS FROM IRELAND! winks

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