To counteract any possible issues on my blog due to some weird theme, I switched now to the official wp theme of the year. Did this do the trick?

Other than that finally I met my friend magic again. I was just taking a break, leaning against the rocks and taking in the beauty (giving my hr a chance to go from exploding to something my watch and brain can comprehend again), as he appeared and landed in front of me on a rock:

I also had fun with the lights …

… a ships reflection …

… and more lights …

… and a castle in the moonshine:

21 Replies to “Theme”

      1. It definitely cannot be my fault … this is why I chose wp and even pay for it. Make it someone else’s problem as I have enough tech going on in my work life. But that is the theory … I have been having issues with it since 2 years ago … loads of my photos got lost and are not shown in my old post etc … sites I follow like S’s blog do not show in my feed!!! Maybe the pain will be enough at some point and I move everything to a scrapbook … but then I would be without all of you!

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      2. Yes, Reader doesn’t always seem to work for me either. New posts from sites that S and I both follow will appear in her mail but not mine… but overall, the actual site itself (for me anyway, and I am talking about my own here) seems to behave itself. Nor do I recall having problems reading yours, or commenting. I guess overall, it’s reasonably solid, though I hear ya on the payment side of things… you would expect a few glitches on a freebie space; maybe not so much when you are shelling out.

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  1. hmmm… this post is not showing in my WP feed, but i did get an meal notification and came to your blog direct… WP is a B@!tch sometimes… Your blog normally shows in my feed a day later… so it does get there… but sheesh… perhaps its just us who are a techy (like you) and wannabetechy (like me *lol) who EXPECT perfection πŸ˜‰
    LOVE the Cacti pic before the video watches on… and PHWOAR! hows that water in the video? sublime!

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  2. I was definitely having problems with some sites, I use free wp(that came up as free speech in auto correct, hilare) so can’t really complain πŸ™‚Pics are fab though, must get out early, my bed is too cosy!

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    1. Just get a different bed then! 😊 Or get UM to pick up snoring. The photos do not do it justice at all. You have to see it with your own eyes. Especially now that all the xmas lights start to appear.

      (I had to upgrade the blog cause I was running out of space for my photos … ) I also gave up on the autocorrecticopter … I gained back all my own words and freedom to type what I want. I noticed that I would just autofill everything otherwise.

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  3. As far as the wp reader, I’ve found that it takes refreshing it several times for all of the posts to actually show up in my feed. It’s like it can’t seem to get them all the first time.

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