Hill, birds and rocks

The title says it all. The pictures shall do the rest:




What a way to start the day! Hope you enjoy yours.

Btw. remember the spotted game? I think it’s time to play again! I got 3 tags in today, how many can you spot on your next adventure?

I couldn’t dig up my list so here is Paula’s summary and entry: https://neveradullbling.com/2016/07/15/spotted/

What’s in a name

I’ve been thinking a while now why I chose the name “slowrunnergirl” and if it is a good fit. Spoiler: of course it is!

What’s in the name?

The name consists of three parts. Slow isn’t just about the speed, it is also about taking the time to do the necessary things. Like slow food, slow running is much more than just the words itself. Now comes the hard part. Girl! It isn’t about my age. It is more about the feeling I want to have while running. No worries in the world, no obligations and exist just in the moment, flying while I carry a smile.

Right, now that this is clarified, there can’t be a post without a picture. Today’s picture is my* brand new manifesto!

A manifesto is a published verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. (source)


That is of course if you are not currently running the MdS or one of the big upcoming races! Then … all bets are off and I wouldn’t have a clue anyway.


For the views

No not the WordPress views … these views:

And a bonus find:

I also ran up half the stairs of hell (I crawled the rest) and back up the hill. Slow but steady and with a smile, contrasting my heart rate … but one thing after the other. 

Enjoy your day!

DOMs at Dawn

Today I took my DOMs that were a result of my little adventure on Saturday up and down my beach.

So worth it! And I am actually surprised that I feel much better now.

Hope this was enough to kick me back into my habit. Oh … and I ordered new road shoes, but ssh don’t tell anyone!

Go Kristian!

In case you are wondering what a bunch of blue dots do in the middle of the desert next to a camel, you landed on the wrong blog! Kthxbye!

OK now that it’s just us, the dot that is showing the runner symbol is our Kristian.


To me it is still unbelievable that anyone with free will would even contemplate visiting such a hot climate.

Anyhow here is how you can track our friend: Go to http://live.marathondessables.com/waatracking/fr-FR/mds/MDS2017# and there you can just search for the first name (this will give you also the race number in case you want to send a message)!

Another handy link to have is his sponsoring page.

Also if you want to message a runner (they usually print it out and hand it to the runners) all you need is the race number and this link.

I hope everyone out there in the desert has the time of their life and gets back home safely!

Me, myself, my hill and I

It was a fantastic little adventure me, myself and I had today. I took pics so I don’t have to type as much.

It always starts at the beach. Nothing better than a bit pebbling to wake up the legs.

You can spot my hill in the very back, to the left of the Chimney!

Then on to find my trail buddy:

It takes me to fancy places:

You remember the Chimney we saw from the sea?


Oh and … Here comes the magic:

That’s that. Now off to raid the fridge and drool in endorphins.

Enjoy your day!


I think my morning running routine might be broken. I will fix it asap.

Broken as well is either my watch or heart. According to my watch I reached a new HR max of 199 running 3:16 – all 10 seconds of it.

Well … I can explain! It was downhill on a sandy grassy coastal dune path and I tried to emulate Ben’s famous elevation charts. I still think my watch needs a software update as I don’t think I can actually have an HR that high … or run that fast.

To stick to today’s theme, check out what remains I found today:

Do you remember when I posted the ‘full’ bike? Not much is left … like with my fitness. Thankfully I know how to fix one of those things.

Out and about

During the week I’ve been out there on top of my usual hill. Couldn’t even see the sea.  Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine, but Ireland is beautiful even when you can’t see it.

My intense work period is over and I have the first Saturday off in months. Now I just want to relax … so that’s what I will do 😎