Tennis ball!

Tennis ball was the answer to yesterday’s game!

Only one person got it (please only click this link if you are from Ireland though)! 

Now the most likely reason is that after the camouflage birds the ball was too easy, so I will up the difficulty for today. What has caused those footprints:

Other than that it was super cold and the colours were pretty:

It does feel like my fitness is returning, but who knows it might be a fluke or the fact that I just suck at road running …

17 Replies to “Tennis ball!”

  1. I think Ben might be on to something there; I was thinking large dog, but on closer inspection, there are really only two prints going on here, not four, I reckon, so two-legs, not four. A large bird taking off might fit the bill (ouch!) though that might work for a swan, but perhaps not a large gull like a Herring Gull which generally don’t need much for a take-off. Go on, give us a clue…

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  2. Dang it! I read this first thing, had to leave for work, and got too busy to come back and comment! (I only get about 10 minutes with my morning tea anymore, 😢) But a Great Dane! Wow! (which wasn’t my guess) Love those dogs! And hey, good job getting the feeling of strength and successfulness back! I knew you would… the winter can be a total energy suck. 😀

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  3. It was a great dane! I can tell by the tracks … honest …. or I just got here late. Trust your body … the form is returning! Takes ages to go and not long to come back I found when I was injured

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