Yesterday my run didn’t happen as I realized I had forgotten to get my kit out of the washer the day before. Sure I have loads of kit, but this is my favourite kit so I took it as a sign and went for a rest day. It is rest week anyhow! 

Today I visited an old friend:


During day time it looks less spooky! If you forgot, it was made by a local artist out of old farming equipment that had been used to maintain the park!

Also was astonished that the ducks were thinking I would carry food for them on my run, why else would they come so close? 

They turned back when they didn’t get anything. 

Just a bit over 5k and still struggling with the right shoes for the road … low tide were are you in the morning when I need you? Next week ok?

Btw. Gareth I think you might be up to something with the GTX thing … despite sole change there is heat  build-up like in a GTX shoe. I don’t think they should be GTX … but what do I know all those shoes and new features and acronyms make my head spin.

5 Replies to “Rusty”

  1. Gtx is just goretex which would explain the heat build-up maybe but inov8 always add GTX to the name … which the roadtalons don’t have. So maybe it’s the change of material in the moulding

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