Spoiler: no sun today

Hi Guys,

I am almost excited that I can post different pics today. No sunrise action, but check out my action photography skills I tried on those birds:

Yeah I know I’ll work on it.

I ran down the beach, crawled up the stairs of hell and took this midway, just to have an excuse to catch some air.

You can not only see Bray Head, Sugar loaf, the moon, but if you honed your spotting skills over winter also 2 photographers desperately trying to conjure up a beautiful sunrise.

Can you see them?

I saw 3 photographers today … no sunrise. I should have told them that I hold the trademark for epic sunrise pics on MY beach 😄 


8 Replies to “Spoiler: no sun today”

  1. Must be great for the knees and feet to be able to run on such a soft (but not too soft) ground. I’ve been looking for ways to get off the asphalt lately in order to ease my way back into running…

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      1. I guess I should have said ‘varied and soft’. I was told sternly by the person who sold me my latest shoes that I should stay away from the monotony of asphalt in order to get stronger around the feet…

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