Stairs of hell

I decided to take the time today and visit my hill.

Tide was low and timing perfect. Dawn had just started.

Located at the end of the beach we can find the stairs of hell. 

They take us up …

… and further up …

The scenery gets better and up we go …

Higher …

Just one more …

Ok you made it … let’s play a game! Can you spot the bird?

And here is your treat:

One more treat? There you go:

8 Replies to “Stairs of hell”

    1. No I only went up there once and ran down the other side which is dreamy piece of a mudslide perfect for increasing cadence. I don’t think I can run up them at the moment and keep my heart rate somewhat in check. It would be a dream though …
      And I don’t feed the birds … with all of the birds I meet I’d barely move.
      Have a great day as well 😊

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