10 Replies to “Look!”

  1. HOLYST! Poppie!!!! spoilt VERBY! (SA for spoilt and THEN some!) just wow! How inspirational is that!!!!
    I must tell you a little bit of me nearly fell out the car this morning on my drive to work… there WAS A SLIVER of light on the eastern horizon!!!!! SPRING is on its way… I’m sooooooo excited i could platz!!!! *gigles
    crazy i know, but i LIVE for the sun and big blue skies!!!

    ENJOY!!!! here is wishing you LOTS more… cos we get to share em with you too… well, kinda…

    Danke Schatzie!!! x

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    1. I am starting to think that beautiful sunrises are like a muse … they only appear spontaneously… whenever they want as long as they know you show up frequently. Then it hits you! Like a treat that makes it all worth it.
      So … you probably wouldn’t get to catch one if you try just once. Better not get started 😋


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