No distractions 

Today I headed out when it was still dark. It still is. No chance to get distracted by sunrise.

I went to my track.  I had forgotten my headlamp, but the track is awesome for that. My track is no flat. My track feels like running on a nice forest path.

I ran fast … a little bit … it felt like flying. Well … whatever flying feels like to a slow person, you dear reader just have to imagine it. 

Other than that I will have been running for 2 years in May. I still love it. This is the biggest accomplishment probably. Not the lost pounds, not the seen sunrises or how fast and far or how many likes. It is the fact that I am motivated each day to get out there and have an adventure. A mini adventure. Especially right now when I work insane hours. My running  keeps me grounded and sane.

3 Replies to “No distractions ”

  1. It’s amazing how such a simple action as running does bring calm and sense to your world isn’t It! I’ll have been running for 2 in August…. I thought you were miles further down the road than me!

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