Cold is like Speed

The cold is like speed. It’s all relative.

Today I was glad I took my wind jacket in addition to my usual bank-robber style winter run gear. In the beginning I had to hide inside all the layers and I did feel like a Himalayan mountain climber. Might be because of the book “No shortcuts to the top”, which I am currently listening to. It might be because of the -4 “Real Feel” temperatures, maybe both – not sure. During the course of the run however, if not against the ice-cold wind, I didn’t even notice it.

I also didn’t notice that I was running faster than usual on sand at the same heart rate. Is this because I played with speed and now slow feels slower or am I finally catching back up to my previous fitness? Probably both as well.

Enough with the words, I hear you scream … “Where are the sunrise pictures?!”

There you go – next to my cadence I did work on my “shoot a straight horizon pic” skills:



Enjoy your weekend! Especially if you are running the Irish 50k Championship like Declan!

10 Replies to “Cold is like Speed”

      1. I start at about 140 ! That’s just walking the dog
        I have a stupidly high HR maxing at 200bpm
        It does fall rapidly though and rating HR is about 52bpm
        So low for me when running is to keep it below 165
        Running to HR & time is a new approach for me this year and when I do let loose on a Fartlek run & hills I’m seeing benefits in speed but high HR
        Early days and we’re all different

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      2. Will be exciting to see how that changes. I did pretty much low intensity for the last 1.5 years and truly enjoyed it. I don’t have as much time in the next 2 months but then I am back to all slow probably. Enjoying the short trip to the other side right now though 😊

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