Not a bad run

I couldn’t tell you that today was a bad run … I walked more than I ran. My heart rate was way too high even when walking …

But let me try and better my mood by listing the positive points first …

It did not rain. It was not cold. There wasn’t even a gale force wind in the air. It was not dark. I didn’t need a headlamp … The pebbles were mixed with enough sand to give some grip.


I made it to the end of the beach …


I saw two of my favorite dogs …

I made it home …

… ok that was it … I can’t think of anything else that was positive.

If you only want to read about running – stop reading here …



Now I don’t think my lack of fitness can justify today. I ate well … maybe I can improve my hydration levels. I think the reason, is the situation the world is in right now, my reaction to it and the fact that I am scared shitless of what might be happening in the future. During my run I remembered my visit to the KZ Dachau (KZ = concentration camp) when I was a kid. Has the world forgotten?

Am I exaggerating? I don’t think so …

I wish I had time to dwell on this, but I had the whole weekend and it didn’t help. I have work to get done … work that might or might not be paid … which is actually one of the things that really really ticks me off right now … time is the most valuable thing a person has. Up until the election, bad business practices were just that … bad business practices. If you don’t pay a contractor, it was not OK. Now … we live in a different world and I don’t think morale will get better anytime soon … and it feels like we’re loosing … it’s so hard to watch bad people succeed, because they don’t care about the costs and only their own benefit.

7 Replies to “Not a bad run”

  1. Pops, if life around you didn’t affect you in some way or another, you wouldn’t be human…

    I once heard a saying πŸ™‚ yeah, yeah, another one…. it went like this…

    “Our reaction to a situation, literally has the power to change the situation itself”

    Now I’m not saying you can change the world… but just think about the quote… its really powerful!

    Tomorrow will be better… and if it is not you PHONE ME!!!! πŸ˜‰ we can sit and giggle at each others accents ok! xxx

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