Impressions on a run

My run starts usually at the beach. This greeted me today:


Happy times were ahead! Dawn was spectacular and even the beach wanted to collaborate today and had left me a piece of sand to run on. I just love it when the sand is just right!


But I didn’t want to miss out on my usual pebbling and I found this beauty:


Leaving the pebbles behind me, I went to another favourite spot. My feet just love running on this:


Back to the sand and down the beach again! The birds also are awake by now and hunting for breakfast:


I had spent a bit too long with the pebbles and when I arrived at the end of the beach, it was cut off by the tide. I ran back again, across the pebbles and past the bike.

The beauty of running as slow as I am is, I have enough time to appreciate the colours:


All in all I did the 8k I had planned to do yesterday and I’m glad how it worked out.

21 Replies to “Impressions on a run”

      1. Look forward to them.
        And I am feeling better today! But hopefully even more so tomorrow… health is a large definer of good and bad weeks… but nicht den Tag vor dem Abend loben!
        I hope you have a good week, too!

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