The tale of the purple dot

I had 8k on my plan … and didn’t feel like it. It might be connected to a little foot niggle which I think I am mostly over now. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but the gist of it were blisters under calluses that probably led to wrong stride stuff etc … you know the song. At some point I actually thought I had broken my foot. Which is absolutely ridiculous, but that’s what happens in my head when I think I can’t run. Parallel I was super busy with work and still am, which is fantastic.

Anyhow, due to the foot not having felt 100% (at some point I had pain walking and it made weird noises), I didn’t run as much as usual and took days off, getting loads of work done. I ran each week, but no way as much as before.

So instead of doing 8k today, I convinced myself that 30 minutes is better than no run, if not as good as 8k which I could still do tomorrow. Today would also be a good test for my foot.

The hardest part about this is that 10k in my head is a short run … heading out for 30 minutes is not really worth washing my clothes for … but I’ve got to ignore my head, just as I had to learn to ignore it when I was starting and had to run slow. Reality sucks, but it can only get better.

Back to today’s run and the title of this post! The good thing about “just a 30 minute run” is that it doesn’t really matter if the tide is up. I can hop around on pebbles for 30 minutes, no problem. Longer than that and the beach ends, because the tide cuts the way off and also pebbling stops being fun.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was just up and the grass wasn’t too wet.

Battery ruins

While I was slogging back I remembered Kristian’s post about cadence:


Guess at what point I remember his tip to start counting?

I nearly broke out in laughter as once I did start counting my cadence was around 190!!! It was only a short affair as the nice grass dunes stopped and the big pebbles began again, but I think it clicked!

I’m now looking forward to doing that more and more. It requires quite a bit of concentration, so this will be a fun distraction to work on instead of mulling over my lost fitness.

My foot also felt fine the whole time and I am cautiously optimistic that I am through the worst and can now up things again, including my cadence!

21 Replies to “The tale of the purple dot”

  1. OH SLOW! gulp pleased the foot is better today… do take care!
    I missed your posts but figured you were just BUSY!
    Your fitness will not have suffered too badly pops, I am sure… a week or so and you will be back, once the foot is properly healed!
    What is this little trick Kristian told you about? Do share, i could use a bit of fun 😉 (shhh winks he is FAB)
    Have a fab weekend poppie x

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      1. yes… about to visit Roger for W1D2

        On my way home yesterday, Cherry called to see if i wanted to go NW, so i skipped D2 and went for a walk with her instead… it was good… we did almost 7km in an hour… just updating my Polar… got a message to say the M400 now supports speed and distance from the WRIST!!!!! Gotta try THAT out on Roger!!!!
        So just doing software update then OUT the door 🙂

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  2. The best part about shortened miles is you have more time to work on form… and it looks like you’re doing just that! Give your foot a lot of TLC… maybe check out if new shoes may be needed, and don’t worry… a 30 minute run may not seem like worth washing the clothes for… but they are a huge step up from 0 miles!

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      1. Yes. Yes there is. Especially if not tracking them regularly!
        I have two pairs of shoes that I really like and hate to let go… but I also found a new pair that I’m starting to like, so it seems I’m ready to make the transition.

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