Running along the Dublin Coast – North to South

I left the house around 10 to embark on a little adventure. Things I packed were Wilson (my bottle filled with water, salt and a bit of apple juice), 4 dates and my visa card. While I was sitting at the Dart station I was already hungry. Maybe I should’ve eaten something before heading out. I ate one of the Dates and noticed the drink sucks … it just doesn’t work without cranberry juice! The Dart is one of the main mode of transportation in Dublin and it took me from South to North, conveniently along the coast where I would run back. The journey there took already 1 hour.

I started in Sutton and would run all the way down.


It’s a nice lovely coastal road – usually … right now it’s being worked on … I ran on grass and trail as much as possible.


You can see Howth in the background. Lovely cliff run hiding there!


Then I spotted birds. I was told that this tree had been struck down by lightning and an artist gave it new life! Will have to research that. How beautiful is this!?


I ran past St. Anne’s park, one of Dublin’s parkrun parks!


I saw the first ship.


Huge ship detected!


Tried to quickly leave the city behind me, but was already on the look out for an aid station.


Aid station anyone?


When I finally found a gas station, I realized that happiness can be bought and that it tastes like salty cashews!

And then I arrived in heaven …


Yes … just imagine running on mostly roads for a little over 10k and then your feet get this sand … for kilometers … because tide is out.


I took frequent breaks, but the best one was on a grassy field, sun shining … just after around 15k. Lying in the grass, sun shining down, but with a light sea breeze … nothing beats that (in this moment). I was actually surprised, how easy it was to get up and move again.

In the end I had eaten all the dates and I am really really fond of them during running. There is something so satisfying about it … and combined with the salty cashews … I think I found my “stuff” for now.

Here is the Garmin mapping. I can recommend this route, it shows all of Dublin’s facets.

2016-08-25 16_40_03-Garmin Connect

Of course I did it all super slow and stuck to my aerobic heart rate. I don’t think I would feel as good now, if I hadn’t. I took my Altras and am happy about the level of cushioning they provided.

34 Replies to “Running along the Dublin Coast – North to South”

    1. It was indeed! I had planned to get a Guinness for Ben, but in the end I was too tired to hit a pub! Just wonderful πŸ™‚ I love being able to experience adventures like that, that makes all the slow miles worthwhile.


    1. The best part is that I feel really good today. If I didn’t have the photos and tracking I would be sure that I didnt run as long yesterday. (I still feel my abs from the 20 minute pilates on Wednesday though … gives me something to contemplate).


  1. That tree is AMAZING!

    Actually, it all looks pretty amazing.

    It’s been a while since I’ve used dates for running — I do sometimes — sometimes I’ll fill them with a little nut butter & sprinkle with a little salt. Yummy!


  2. Wow that was quite a run and to meet up with the sands like that, such a pleasant surprise. That tree is amazing and that story about it is too…people are so creative. I love that they decided to turn that dangerous tree into a lovely work of art!! Great photos! πŸ™‚


  3. What a great run and adventure! The tree is just gorgeous… the artist did a fabulous job! I think I’m going to have to research these Altras you like as I want to try a different type of shoe. Well done with your fabulous day!


  4. Many years ago I walked from Phoenix Park to DΓΊn Laoghaire so I can appreciate your run. It’s a fair distance for sure. Awesome job.


  5. Yes, I did indeed enjoy the route. Ireland was new to me, and I am the curious sort, so it was easy to take pleasure from it. It would be fun to do again.


      1. The park is beautiful. You won’t regret a visit there. As far a me being in the area, I wasn’t planning a trip, but if the Guinness is on you…well you just never know! Ha, ha.


  6. Well, when I come late to the party everyone has expressed my thought so I’ll just echo my congratulations on a fantastic run and pictures. Well done.


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