Irish Summer

Is it over? Has it begun yet? Did I miss it?

So many questions … I tried to find the answer at the beach today. My first conclusion is: no – summer is not over and it is happening right now! I saw people surfing the mighty waves and brave souls swimming. Therefore I can’t have missed it.

The last few days have been real Irish – grey and rainy. Perfect to stay inside, switch up all routine and do a house cleaning marathon. It’s kinda fun, to see how much energy I have if I don’t go run. I couldn’t continue like this though and went out today. I had to check up on my beach. Good that I did! The storms have changed all the rocks around again. Someone has played around with the saturation level of the ocean and taken all the color out. Kelp is everywhere.

A slight drizzle accompanied me, when I headed up the hill. If I ignore all the fallen leaves I can keep telling myself it still is summer …


5 Replies to “Irish Summer”

  1. Housecleaning marathon? It’s that time in my house too! Maybe that’s what the rain is for, otherwise you don’t want to waste the lovely weather!


  2. 😞 I heard the geese flying south yesterday and totally tried to convince myself that they were just looking for another pond but…. They were very high up… *fingerscrossed* it’s just a weather blip at the mo!


  3. Have the storms passed by now – We’re in the middle of gales and driving rain. I may take this as a sign to take an extra rest day but I feel the guilt!


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