Death-spiral of holiday lazies

This is how yesterday went:

  • 5am “I can’t go out that early, it’s vacation. I can procrastinate! Procrastination is great!” *drink coffee*
  • 7am “I can’t go out that early, it’s vacation. I can procrastinate!” *drink more coffee, read running book*
  • 8am “I’m usually back by now … I need to relax I’m on vacation” *check the tide times*
  • 9am “I’ll run when the tide is down, that will be awesome” *read running blogs, drink more coffee”
  • 10am “Why am I getting hungry? How do I deal with this? I can’t eat before I go for a run. No wait I can I just need to make something like energy bars. I wanted to perfect the recipe anyhow.” *mix mix chop chop click click* (If you wonder where the “click” comes from, that’s the photos I took for Paula! Spoiler: they turned out great, now I “just” need to upload it all)
  • 11am “I’m hungrier than before, but the energy bars are sweet and I don’t want sweet now.” *switch on the oven”
  • 12am “Broccoli is the best veg in the world! I should write a post about broccoli and sweet potatoes and how the caramelize …”
  • 1pm “Tide is perfect now, I’m not hungry, but I can’t move”. *read more running books and blogs”

…. I think I fell asleep at this point, so let’s quickly distract ourselves with a panorama from today’s run, where I defeated gravity and played with the waves.


As you can see the tide was not yet quite done with cleaning up the mess (footprints) all the tourists left:


Quite fortunately for some of the structures:


All in all here is what I learned: Get out of the house in the morning! If I don’t run in the morning I go down the death spiral of vacation lazies … bouncing from a state of hunger to sleep to book worm or gamer chick – which it is, depends on the amount of energy I have left … and if I don’t go run in the morning, there doesn’t seem to be much energy.


30 Replies to “Death-spiral of holiday lazies”

  1. Is there not a clue in the title there somewhere? Is it not holiday time? It does take a few days for the concept to kick in, but we all need some time off. And that includes running. Yeah. I know. Lock me up now… 😉


  2. Nothing wrong with the lazies every now and again – Strangely I was in the same holding pattern yesterday waiting for the tide. Once again you had the better weather though! Awesome photos!


    1. Yes. I am enjoying today much more already 😀 not because I’d have to get the run in, but just because it makes me a better person to spend my vacation with. FYI Can’t wait to share the book with you – it’s a gem 😀


      1. Oooh! I’m excited at the prospect of a new book! Mind you – there’s a bit of artistic licence in the title of today’s blog ‘spiral of death’!!!!


      2. Well it had enough drama to catch my attention, and truthfully (gulp) there is evidence to suggest that sitting around all day does shorten your life expectancy so it has truth, so yes it’s a good title, good writing is a talent so that is a complement?😊 Unless you think being referred to as an artist is an affront to your scientific credentials?😱


      3. 😊😊 sometimes I don’t communicate well sorry😊 I heard the same about sitting. Wish I hadn’t it makes me feel guilty about reading for pleasure!


  3. Binge reading your blog. This week I ignored blogs I follow.
    I’m glad to see you’re taking time for you and hope you enjoy.
    Love the pictures too!


    1. Hahaha thanks! Just yesterday I took comfort in the fact that I’ve now collected enough posts to stop anyone from reading it all lol. I get cranky when I see all the typos in my old posts, so sorry for that 😀


      1. The brain is a wonderful thing, typos are ignored and dynamically corrected. Especially when it’s almost 3am and I can’t fall asleep.


  4. If I don’t run first thing I think about it all day. Not dreading it -because i love it but I find it hard to relax unless I’ve been out. I woke at 4.30 today and thought about heading out but that’s early even for me!


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