SRGs 10 Steps to Happiness

Step 1: Start at the beach and admire the birds


Step 2: Find the sign (aka the Yellow Man marking the Dublin Mountain Way) – do you see it?


Step 3: Follow the sign! (Do you see it now?)


Step 4: Keep going and don’t get confused


Step 5: Find clarity in the woods


Step 6: Deviate from the path planned


Step 7: Find a hill and run up


Step 8: Eat self-made, plant-based chocolate flax bricks and medjool dates.


Step 9: Don’t leave a trace and pack up the foil.

Step 10: Enjoy the views:

IMG_20160809_102303 IMG_20160809_102312 IMG_20160809_102446 IMG_20160809_102827



All in all I spent 3 hours on my feet and now excuse me, while I look through all the photos I took to find a sheep … there must be one on there … (FYI “The Sheep” is the latest addition to the spotted list and was officially announced by Benjamin just yesterday!).



18 Replies to “SRGs 10 Steps to Happiness”

    1. Yes … all just cows. There are black dots … maybe CeeJay could make them into sheep πŸ˜€ but that would be cheating. The trail is fantastic. Surely further down I will see sheep … at some point … or a Guinness! The trail is 43km long, so there is hope.


      1. Exploring is great. Especially when you get a lovely surprise – like a cave or something!!!! But a lovely cloud formation can be enough to make my day. So sad!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


  1. Wow thats a beautiful run – And challenging too =) Well done for the duration as well – It just keeps getting easier for you! And sheep – Oh do I have some sheep to tag lol


  2. OH WOW! how did i miss this post? How wonderfully beautiful! LOVE #6… thats me… i tell hubby EXACTLY where I’m going incase i don’t get home and he can send out the troops… then i head off on an entirely different path and hope to god he is psychic enough to find me if it all goes horribly wrong! *lol*


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