Work Hard – Play Slow

Good morning! … is always a good start for a post and it was a fantastic morning out there at the beach.

First thing first … the running. I was lazy on Friday which usually doesn’t happen. I didn’t go for a run. I also didn’t really feel like getting out for over 2 hours on Saturday, but I did my usual trick and lied to myself, so in the end I just ran up and down the beach to keep the legs remembering that they where not made to sit behind a desk all day. I enjoyed the time, but my heart and head were not in it. Not sure what happened and I don’t have to. I know I was working hard last week. There are bits in my work that are “harder”. Bits where I have to block off all communication and work on something concentrated for hours. Nothing like I imagine a doctor has to do during an operation, but still “harder” than normal. Maybe this impacts my overall stress level or something, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am aware of it and I can tune down the running which I did.

Today was different. I only worked a couple of hours in the very early morning on Sunday and no running. Work should be all done now and I can think of convincing myself to give me the rest of the month off.

Back to today. Now … what to do on a vacation day? Sleep in! So I slept till 6am and went for a slow, stress free run – just a bit over 40 minutes. I tried to find back to the easy I remembered from last week and just play with the wind and the sand … and I realized something …

With the blogoversary (thanks for stopping by, the moderating of the comments is different to my site, so be patient – it’s a slow party! ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I had taken a look at all my stats and numbers, improvements etc. Based on those numbers I can be confident in my formula/plan, but it’s much more important now, to forget it!

Huh? My plan is a guideline for me in which I can move (pun intended) without risking injury or over training. I also want to improve my running and one day partake in races – ideally really long ones where I don’t have to run fast and can eat all day. The most important ingredient for running long is the attitude – the mental part. That’s at least what everyone tells me! To run long I need to love running. I don’t love running while I hunt for stats – I love running while I hunt for experiences. This is why I need to forget all the stats and improvements again and just keep going out there and keep having fun! In another 3 months I can look at my improvements and I hope I played with enough waves and ran up enough hills to catch a rare sunrise or bird so my cadence improved and I’ve gotten faster again.
… and if not? It doesn’t matter, cause I got the experiences and it will all be here for me to go back to and say “well at least I had a heck of time”!

11 Replies to “Work Hard – Play Slow”

  1. I think you’ve just hit on what I needed to get back to running! I’m so focused on how fast (or slow) I run and how long I run (without a walk break) that I’m missing the whole experience of it! duh! Thanks! I needed that!!


  2. I think that if you love what you are doing the ‘results’ will follow. and the results need to be the things that you want to achieve, not what someone else thinks you should. So you want to run an ultra one day- I’m sure that you will๐Ÿ˜Š being in the moment and enjoying what you are doing now, rather than enduring until you get ‘there’ is key to happiness, and it sounds to me like you are getting it right.


  3. Bit of both is always needed. Stats are better looked at when you can see how far you have come. Like running up a gort big hill and looking at the view.


  4. Just keep doing what you’re doing – It’s definitely working – one day we shall conquer an ultra together (and you will “beat” me ๐Ÿ˜‰ And sorry for missing the party on sunday – as you now know I was planning other things that day =(


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