Recovery week here I come

Tide is in and that means it’s perfect to kick off my recovery week. Which I did or tried. Average heart rate was too high, but I enjoyed my too short 26 minute run.

Tomorrow I must not allow my feet to carry me to the beach, but up the hill to the park. It is impossible to keep the heart rate low, when the tide is that high!

Oh and I moved my blog around, so I hope it is not too annoying for you guys! This should still appear in the WordPress reader, only the commenting seems to only be possible via the full website. Let me know if you notice anything else that is weird!

16 Replies to “Recovery week here I come”

    1. Thanks! Recovery week just means reduced amount of time. It gives me a chance to make use of all the “build up”, as I did increase duration by 10%. Theoretically the recovery week is when I get stronger πŸ˜€ I will probably do 30/60/90 and possibly 2 days off this week. That way I don’t loose any endurance – if that makes sense.


      1. Yes, lots of people reccomend building in recovery – I’ve never been consistent enough to need to do it – I’ve just ended up skipping a few runs for whatever and calling it a rest!! I’m sure that it’s better to schedule it properly!


      1. No! I think I found how to change it, but it seems to not affect my last post.We have to see until tomorrow! I also think I lost the option to like comments and comment on pages lol …


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