My top 99 reasons to keep me running – in pictures

In case I ever wonder why I keep doing what I am doing, here are my top 99 reasons that should motivate me to keep it slow, easy and not risk injury.

30 Replies to “My top 99 reasons to keep me running – in pictures”

      1. I just went to your contact page and wrote teh message there – does it just appear as a comment in there? I just added one to mine – try it out for me if you wouldnt me’ll sort thing technical issue in no time with our fine minds!


      2. It doesn’t appear as comment – it is sending it via email to my email. I tested it again and it works for me, but your does not appear. Can you test to send just one without link? Might be spam prevention stuff …


      3. I suspect it has to do with the entered email? I tested it with different browsers/email addresses … maybe it doesn’t work if the user’s mail is not registered on wp, or you are having a mighty time with me as payback for my Seamonster spoiler … I still love the shoes though!

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      4. Nope its using my correct email which is registered with wordpress. Its a mystery …. like the seamonster

        Shoes are awesome! Soooo comfy and almost make me forget about my injury. Ran in them yesterday instead of today as I fancied some rain in my life =)

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  1. Love these! Are you somewhere in Southern California? I visited the Los Angeles area in January and when I was in Malibu couldn’t help but think how great it would be to run there in the early mornings. I live on the north sea myself, and you just convinced me to run to the beach more often. πŸ™‚

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