It gets easier

Yes it can get even easier.

Today’s 40 minutes went by in a flash. Weather is fantastic and the sea smelled sooo good! I even got soaked from a surprise wave crushing into rocks!

I also found a way to overlay pace and heartrate,  so you can check how slow a person can actually run!


My average pace for today was 10:13 min/km – that is not miles!!! There are 2 other points in the above graph. I stopped once, for the sunrise photo and in the last 5 minutes I got lost in the zone and ‘speed’ lol took over … so one spike is better than 3 and I take it.

I also looked at my heartrate when starting to walk. It takes me 5 minutes to walk to the beach, by that time I have ~110 HR and I walked another 8 minutes. By the time I started slogging it was at 128. The rest is in the graph.

11 Replies to “It gets easier”

  1. You must have been up so early to catch the sunrise! I love the clever thing you did with the graphs. Was that in the training app you told me about? (Which I have forgotten the name of sorry😳 I did have a look at it but at the time I didn’t think I needed it, but if you can upload your data and get more info from it re trends that would be useful. With garmin connect you can’t look at the same run on 6 different occasions and compare it at all etc etc

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    1. Actually the overlay graph is from garmin connect on my phone – no magic there. It is the same spot where you got your chart from, but if you click on it it turns to landscape and an overlay button appears. I am trying to make sense of the best way to compare things … might just make a post of it. I am actually reading a book on it rofl … ‘The runner’s edge’. Have you read it?

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      1. Oooh no not read ‘runners edge’ I’m always on the lookout for new running books to read-,I’ll look it up. I’m not very good with technology – I need to follow my sons example and just click everything to see what happens!

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      2. I have read so many running books I now started to create a list so I don’t forget – we should share and compare! Love that you say you are not good with tech 😀 – tech is my bread and butter but I can’t get my head around numbers or some of the hardcore science stuff.


      3. I suppose we get to be good at the stuff that we use the most or that interests us the most, we can’t do everything!

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    2. … and now that I am on my computer I can properly paste and type: to sync from anything to anything (think garmin connect to endomondo etc) – it’s free. The other one is called trainingspeak – free trial for 10 days. Subscription is quite expensive, but for me worth it every couple of months for a month or when things go bad … I pasted actually a graph from it here with a bit of explanation


    1. When I started I used an old rusty (lol) garmin chest strap in combination with Endomondo. Once that died I switched to a TickrX cheststrap … but soon after that Endomondo gave up and it didn’t tell me my heartrate anymore. For the last weeks I am now happily using a Garmin Forerunner 225. It’s last year’s model, so it’s cheaper than this years … and it does just what I need: vibrate when I am leaving my zone.
      Thanks for reading 😀

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