Sun still missing

Guys the sun is still missing. I thought I saw it during the day yesterday somewhere, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

Ran around for an hour looking for it, but no luck, I even looked on top of the hill. Let me know when you see it and tell it to get the heck back to it’s usual spot tomorrow morning!


Early morning

It’s just fantastic to be back before 7, having done a 35 minute easy run – spring is here. The sun didn’t show up today though and it was super calm. Made it easy to stick to a snails pace and mostly below 144.

Energy balls – new recipe

I can’t believe how good these taste the day after making them, so I have to quickly write down the details.

I used 3 Medjool dates, 3-4 tbsp oatflakes, 3 tbsp ground flaxseeds, 3 tsps coconut flakes, 2 tsp sesame seeds, 2-3 tsp raw cacao powder, 2 tsp cacao nibs and 2-3 tsp cashew butter. I also poured a little bit of maple syrup on top so it sticks. Blended on pulse so its a nice chunky  consistency.

Rolled into tiny balls in the freezer for 30 minutes.

I then heated up some vegan chocolate bars to dip the frozen balls in. After melting the bars I added 1 tsp of coconut oil.  Sprinkled them with coconut flakes, cacao nibs or powder. There was not enough chocolate to cover all, but rolling them in raw  cacao powder did the trick.

I did store them at room temperature and they are wonderful! I guess I won’t have to worry about including more flaxseeds now.

Hooked on raw cacao

Vegan Chocolate with raw cacao

This shall help make up for the fat lost while running! I am so hooked on cacao nibs and raw cacao powder. Didn’t have nuts and used sesame and flax seeds.

Steady circles

Like the weather, I felt cloudy and unspectacular which is a great thing!

All I wanted to do is to get out there and do my thing. Well you know … just get out there, switch off and let the work stress flow out of my system. I didn’t want pretty sights or marvelous sunrises, just undisrupted monotony.

And that is just what I did. The grass on the fields is perfect. I had not rained so there was no mud. There was no sun, so no other people, or at least I didn’t notice. I circled around for 1.5 hours and observing my pace and heartrate. It also got me thinking what a satisfying experience it is, to be able to run so easy for a time I couldn’t have believed to be capable of walking a year ago. I didn’t eat anything before and didn’t take any water with me. I guess I have adapted pretty well to the whole slowness and will continue, but play even more by feel. The speeding up in between at some runs when I feel great really helps my mind!

Food = fuel

Plant based food

This is what I get from the farm each week in amounts. Loads of fuel! Stay tuned to see what I made out of it.



No thanks! I’d rather rund around on the grass for 1 hour with an average heartrate of 144. Which I can  explain by sticking to nearly 140 most of the time and speeding up just once to blow of some steam.

Roasting time

The combination of green beans with roasted butternutsqash and potatoes worked well together. Just some choppin’, olive oil, pepper, chilli and 180° for 30+ minutes.

Mighty fine

I did 1 hour at 139 heartrate. Spot on! I think staying witin a certain range 139 to 144 for me is easier that hitting one specific rate.

I feel I’ve gotten faster as well, but how could I proof that without accurate data … can’t compare one day of pebble hopping with another. Maybe time to hit the park again soon as the tide is getting higher again …