A week of food

I had shared my weeks supply of organic fruit and veg and wanted to post the highlights and what worked. Here is what I had gotten plus potatoes and onions:

week-of-vegetables organic-fruit

It’s pretty much all gone. Here are my favorites:

avocado-best roasted-broccoli vegan-chocolate fennel-bean-mash vegan-mini-pizza

My current favorite lunch is the one on the top left Miniature pizza. I looked at the watch an it took me 10 minutes to prep and 10 to wait. Can’t beat that. The only secret is mixing the spices with the tomato paste and cashew Parmesan. The B12 and zink in the nutritional yeast ain’t gonna hurt me. They even taste good cold and you can stop in the middle of making these to take an urgent call!

Oh and I almost forgot … top right shows butter bean spinach and onion scramble with roasted fennel. I am not sure if this any official recipe, but it was wonderful and had the protein I needed. Secret was the caramelized onion I mixed in there.

Now the last bit I want to mention is sweet potato. I did try and make fries and am quite happy with them … but it’s way too much work. So I now just cut them in small chunks mixed with oil and spices and put them in the oven with whatever else veg I want. Topped with vegan mayonnaise in case I want more calories.

Oh one more, one more please! I can’t repeat this often enough, but avocado cut in half sliced inside, filled with balsamic vinegar and then eaten with a spoon … such a nice treat after a run.

Oh most of the fruit ended up as juice or smoothie together with the carrots if not consumed with chocolate I had left in the freezer.

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