Steady circles

Like the weather, I felt cloudy and unspectacular which is a great thing!

All I wanted to do is to get out there and do my thing. Well you know … just get out there, switch off and let the work stress flow out of my system. I didn’t want pretty sights or marvelous sunrises, just undisrupted monotony.

And that is just what I did. The grass on the fields is perfect. I had not rained so there was no mud. There was no sun, so no other people, or at least I didn’t notice. I circled around for 1.5 hours and observing my pace and heartrate. It also got me thinking what a satisfying experience it is, to be able to run so easy for a time I couldn’t have believed to be capable of walking a year ago. I didn’t eat anything before and didn’t take any water with me. I guess I have adapted pretty well to the whole slowness and will continue, but play even more by feel. The speeding up in between at some runs when I feel great really helps my mind!

13 Replies to “Steady circles”

  1. I try constantly to ditch the voice in my head that goes on and on and on about pace, speed, times. The days when I forget I’m running are the treasured runs.

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  2. You should look into an ultra marathon… It’s all about moving forward. Speed/pace etc don’t matter. And the accomplishment when you’re done is SOOO empowering!

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      1. Just did my first….and the thing that surprised me was that I had a good base, but didn’t do anything more to train for an ultra, and that was more than adequate

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