So cool

There are hardly any exciting things happening in my running life. With exciting I mean PRs or races or new splits etc.

What is exciting, is if I spot a new low resting heartrate! Which I did yesterday. I guess something I am doing might be working.

I had gotten used to 53 as that was the lowest I had ever gotten and now I am at 51!!!

I also think I got faster … but that might be in my head as the numbers show differently. The numbers don’t take wind and terrain into the equation though … was there wind? It doesn’t matter – my heart seems to be working more efficiently and that is something.

Just out of curiousity. Do you guys check or monitor your resting heartrate? If so, how did it change over your running life?


13 Replies to “So cool”

  1. being Hypothyroid, i have a low heart rate anyhow… but my lowest resting HR has been 45… i was a bit worried if i am honest… Hubby was like WTF? are you like ALIVE? *lol*


    1. I didn’t know that about Hyperthyroidism! I read somewhere that super fit runners have heartrates in the low 40s. Do you know if your heartrate changed over time or still does, even if lower generally?

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      1. Im hypO, not hypER… you know, i think its def changed since i started running, its def lowered, it used to be around 65 -70 generally… now I’m around 60 – 65 anytime during the day… obviously not when I’m up and about or running around the office etc… but if I’ve been sitting at my desk working or in front of the TV and check its usually around there… if i do it before i even roll over in bed in the morning, or track it during sleep, its really drops…

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      2. Right! Sorry for that misunderstanding … hypO = underactive thyroid! I had to google it and now learned that my mom has that as well! She has Hashimoto’s which is cause for hypOthyroidism. Very interesting topic … never thought of this connection to heartrate!

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      1. I’ve had some in depth investigations into my heart over the last 18 months (unrelated) and the doctors said they were happy with it, that my HR was consistent with the amount of running I do. I think they saw it at about 42bpm.

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